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Paddly Lockers

An automated locker system

3 Front Locker

Vioside is the company behind the development of the locker system’s backend and server setup, as well as the development of the locker’s computer system. Paddly’s servers receive bookings made by users through the app and stored on a secure database online. The lockers then communicates with the backend system and downloads bookings, storing them offline.

The locker system’s computer then receives pin code from clients, checks if the booking is still valid and decided which locker to open. The locker system’s computer consistently communicates information back to the server with the status of when a lock was opened, a locker door was left open, temperatures, or any mechanical faults.

2 Book a locker 3 QR Code

Booking via apps //

Clients can book lockers using their phones. All they would need to do is download the app, scan a QR code for the size they would like, enter their own custom pin code and pay. Their phone could then be stored inside the locker.

3 QR Code Nowlater 5 pincode

Since the system and locker is developed and manufactured internally, this automated locker system can be customised and tailored to any customer’s needs.

Paddly is being used at Cafe Del Mar’s pool parties, at beaches, at Evolution Gaming’s employee cafeteria and festivals. The possibilities are endless.

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