Dr Juice

Takeaway and loyalty app


Loyalty System //

The Dr Juice app also has a fully fletched loyalty system, where users are automatically given points when ordering from the app, and unlocking gifts when a certain number of points have been achieved.


We have placed a tablet in each outlet at Dr Juice where they receive order from the app. With a ding, chefs at Dr Juice can view and confirm the order and start preparing. The tablet can then be used to let the client know that the order is ready for pick up. Through the app, clients can also receive points for their orders automatically and can also claim them on any future order.

In addition, when a customer visits the shop and places an order, the customer can present a QR code from the app and cashiers can use a scanner attached to the tablet in order to award points, or claim rewards. This was all developed internally at Vioside and can be customised to the customer's needs.

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Content Management System //

Dr Juice administration was also provided with a custom content-management system where they can manage their complex menu, manage all loyalty system settings like points, rewards, coupon code etc; and set up outlets and user accounts. Vioside does not need to be involved in day-to-day tasks.

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The apps are available online via the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. More about Dr Juice can be found on their website.

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