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Vioside has been an integral part of the development of FreeHour since the very beginning and has played a key role in the creation of the native iOS and Android apps, as well as the entire backend system, database design and infrastructure. Not only has Vioside handled the coding and programming of the apps, but they have also been instrumental in developing the overall architecture of the system.

The apps have been custom-built to support the unique design of FreeHour, optimising user experience and guaranteeing superior performance for offline storage and calculations. The backend system was developed to manage all communications and algorithms by FreeHour, enabling it to calculate free lessons across friends and provide them to the users of the apps.

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"Super customer service / very nice people / both iOS / Android development"

Zach Ciappara

Founder & CEO

Massive scalability & Features //

FreeHour has grown exponentially, continuously updating their apps with features designed to suit students’ college lives. They have expanded their app to allow students to easily locate the venues of their classes, import timetables, track tasks, assignments, and exams, and even provide a countdown for their stipend. Each feature custom developed with care by Vioside.

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To expand even further, FreeHour also took their app outside of college life with lifestyle features. We have developed features for FreeHour that include a way for students to browse through a list of offers and filter through them, find jobs tailored for students, redeem vouchers and freebies from multiple outlets dedicated to students, as well as a feature to browse through a list of events that students may be interested in.

To add to the fun, we have also developed a game for students to win prizes. This includes a full-blown, custom-built, tap challenge game where students need to tap as fast as possible to make their place on a leaderboard in order to win. Given that the prizes are huge, Vioside is also responsible for the scalability of the infrastructure to take heavy loads.

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The apps are available for download from the App Store and from Google Play. More information is also available on FreeHour’s website.

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