It’s a new year, and the more time passes, the harder it becomes to keep those New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes all it takes to stick to your goals and achieve results is by being consistent and showing up.

I set myself 6 things that I want to do daily and I have to make sure that I show up daily and do these things. But during those busy days, we might slack off and forget about our goals. If only there was an app that could help us keep track of
these goals. Well… there is an app for that; and I use Streaks


With Streaks you can keep track of things you have do. You can create up to 6 items and you can choose how many times you want to do each item (how many times weekly, daily, maybe every Monday and Wednesday). The app will then give you a streak counter, meaning how many times in a row you achieved your goal.

Check out our demo in the video. We love this app! Download yours from the App Store and you can also find out more about it on