04 August 2016

Ugide - Maltese Guide App

U Gide Cover Photo

Ugide is an iOS and Android app, packed with high quality audio guides that gives lumps of information at a steady pace. Here is an overview and some thoughts about the app


First off, we were approached by our friend, Manuel, who is the founder of Ugide and created the audio guides with some of Malta's best voice actors. Manuel came to us with the idea of packaging these audio guides into an app. After we heard the crisp, high quality and professional audio files, we were immediately blown away! We wanted in on this :)


Our aim was to keep things as simple as possible, making it user-friendly for most age-groups. In fact, this app requires only one tap to get you started on your first guide. Our primary colour is an azure blue which fades into a turquoise/teal. This gives it a fresh summer look, which is the season where most people would need a guide.

Ugide - App icon

How it works

When you download the app, you are presented with three city-options, which are Valletta, Mdina, and Gozo. Simply tap on one of the options and you can find all the different tracks for that city. The app comes with some free tracks to get you started and to give you a taste of the quality of our audio guides. An in-app purchase can be made easily via your Appstore's account to unlock the tracks for each city. We kept our prices as low as possible to get people to learn more about Malta's fascinating culture and history. We simply love it here!

The app also features a map that shows you exactly where the selected pin is and were your current location is. You can also use the map to play and pause an audio file. If internet is not available, the app will automatically display an offline map, which can still give you a clear idea of were the guides are situated. After downloading the tracks using the internet (preferably from a wifi hotspot ;) ), the app can then work completely offline, setting you free from any roaming charges that would otherwise occur.



To wrap things up, we would like to thank Manuel for the opportunity to work on this project! We look forward to receiving your feedback and to make this app even better as time goes by.. and don't worry, we have plenty of ideas to spice this app up ;)

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