12 February 2018

PEAK Review - Brain Training App

It's not just the physical body that needs training and exercises, but also the brain. Brain exercises, especially ones which are diverse, are important for a number of reasons. Since we're constantly going through our daily routines in life, we might not notice that there are some areas which we do not use regularly.

PEAK is definitely my go-to app for brain exercises. It covers a lot of important areas with these fun mini-games, including Memory, Problem Solving, Language, Mental Agility, Focus, Emotion and Coordination.

Mini-Games and Workouts

The app measures and trains your performance through a number of mini-games which can be both fun and intense. The best way to play through is to follow a workout. If you're a free user, you get access to one workout a day, but if you're a paid member, you get access to a number of workouts (you can even play individual games if you like). Each workout would be tailor-made just for you, for example, a workout that cover all areas, or a workout that covers your weakest areas.


After each workout, you may improve your Peak Brain Score. This would all be presented in a neat map showing how you excel in each area. You can even compare your score and performance with your friends or other members that have similar professions or age-groups. All very interesting and make you feel a bit competitive!

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