10 January 2024

Google Play account verification process explained

Google Play Developer Console Verification

This article aims to provide some more detailed information to our clients on an email sent by Google last year regarding the new Google Play account verification deadline titled “Choose your Google Play account verification deadline now to reserve your preferred slot”.

Due to a recent change to the Google Play developer account policies, account holders are requested to verify their account in order to provide more credibility and visibility to their users. Therefore, Google Play account holders will be requested to provide further information about themselves or about the company / organisation. This is very similar to how Apple does this when registering for their developer program.

The idea behind this email is so that account holders can pick their own deadline by when their account should be verified; since the process might be a bit lengthy and different businesses have different peak seasons, so they are offering account holders the flexibility to chose their own deadline. However, if a deadline is not selected by the end of February, 2024, a deadline will automatically be selected.

Developer Console Warning

It is therefore recommended that you login to the Google Play Developer program here where you will see the above warning as soon as you login and click Get started. From there you will be able to choose your deadline. One thing to keep in mind here is that you will be able to start filling in your verification forms 60 days before the selected deadline, so pick carefully as skipping the deadline means that your app might go offline until verification is complete. On the other hand, you don't want to pick this too far out because having your app appearing as verified on Google Play helps with credibility.

If you already have an Apple Developer Program registered, then this process might come easier because it is very similar in terms of what data is needed. In fact, the most pressing piece of information needed would be the D-U-N-S number, which is already familiar to Apple Developer Program account holders.

When filling out this form, you will be asked to choose between 2 different types of accounts, similar to how it worked with Apple's account. You're either an individual or an organisation. Most of our clients register as organisation, which is where the D-U-N-S number comes to play. If you still have this number, type it in while filling in this form as this might help to proceed with the verification automatically and you might not have to do anything else.

The form below shows a list of documents that you might need to complete verification when the time comes. This will help you make an informed decision and prepare you for what you need to gather in the meantime.

List of documents needed

If you already have an Apple Developer Program registered with a D-U-N-S number but you cannot find it, there is a way you can retrieve it. You can use this page here from Apple with a form to fill in to find your number. If this does not give you results, try this one to get the correct address and contact information, then try the Apple one again. Once found, you should get an email on the registered address with the D-U-N-S number which you can then use when filling in the form on the Google Play Developer Console. If you happen to find it but notice that the details are incorrect, it is recommend that you start the process of updating this information as soon as possible to avoid any future surprises as this process might take a while. Apple recommends contacting D&B and opening a case with them to update the details by following this link. Replying to your request can take 30 days, so it's best to get started.

If you don't have a D-U-N-S number and never registered for an Apple Developer account before, then you can simply click "No" in this form for now to submit for a deadline, but we recommend starting the process of getting a D-U-N-S number as soon as possible as this process has taken a very long time on some occasions. The D-U-N-S number is basically an American identification number for businesses. You can apply for one here.

Once you submit your request for a deadline, you will receive a confirmation by email. We hope this helps to clarify what's going on here and helps you be prepared for what's coming. If you have further questions or information, we'd be happy to help. Feel free to reach out!

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