Google New Logo
Google’s New Logo

Not so long ago, Google has gone through some major changes in it’s infrastructure when the company introduced it’s parent company Alphabet. Now, Google went one step further and introduced a new brand design, including a new font for it’s logo, updated icon, and some variations in colour. Let’s dive further into it.

Alphabet-GoogleFor a long time, Google has used it’s iconic serif type font for it’s logo. The company has completely redesigned this look. A sans-serif font is being used, giving an overall more modern look and feel. Also, the font style is quite playful and it gives a sense of ease while still displaying a sturdy/bold weight to it. This font is also similar to the one used in “alphabet”, so this helps streamline the brand even more.

Google has left it’s colours in place and in the same order, yet we can still see some noticeable differences. The Logo seems to have a brighter display in colours, less saturation, and some slight tweaks in the hue, adding up to the fun-effect that this logo presents. Something that you might notice when using Google’s products is that the logo will change shape and size depending on your actions (If you are going to use your Android phone’s microphone, the logo will turn into the shape of a microphone seamlessly). This will show users that “Google is working for you”, as quoted from their blog.

All-in-all, we think that this is a bold move from Google, and we quite like the fresh new look. We look forward to see this new design roll out on all devices. Let us know what your thoughts are on Google’s new branding in the comment section below.