19 January 2018

An app to manage your shopping list in style

Life is too short for boring apps, and managing your shopping list shouldn't be boring either. Writing your shopping list on a note-taking app, todo-list app or, even worse, a piece of paper, is not the way of 2018. Cue in, Bring!


Bring! is a beautiful app with a single purpose, writing your shopping list in style. One can simply search for the item they'd like to buy, and it is added to a well-designed grid with an icon for each. At the top, you get red boxes for things you still have to buy, and below that, green boxes with previously-added items. During shopping, all you have to do is tap on the red boxes, and off they go.


Organise and Collaborate

My 2 favourite features from the app are the ability to create separate lists, and the ability to share these lists. In my case, I have a list for groceries, a list for vegetables, and a list for office groceries. I can then share these lists with my family and colleagues. When someone updates a list or is on the way to go buy, the others will receive a notification to let them know.


It's Free

The app is available for free, everywhere; iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. A big Well Done goes to developers and designers of this app. It works flawlessly and the design is very well polished. You can find out more about the app on their website

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