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What is uGide? //

Ugide is a native iOS and Android app that provides a list of audio tours around Valletta, Mdina and Gozo. Starting with a set of free audio guides, users can familiarise themselves with the app and the quality of the audio. The users can then use in-app purchases to download the rest of the audio guides.

Ugide is super easy and simple to use! Just choose the city that you want to visit or learn about and start listening to your preferred track. View a map with all the pins of a selected city. You can view your current location to decide which tracks are closer to you.

Ugide will automatically display an offline map. In fact, the tracks can also be played offline once they are downloaded via an in-app purchase. In addition to these native features, Vioside has also worked on the branding and design of the mobile apps.

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Download the iOS app on the App Store and the Android app from Google Play. You can read more on our website.

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