Seismo app


What is Seismo?

Seismo is an app designed and developed for international use by Vioside in collaboration with ISB Ltd. The scope of this app is to provide the latest earthquake updates and help predict a potential earthquake. This mobile app is available natively for both iOS and Android and can be purchased and downloaded directly from the App Store and Google Play.


Data & Servers

In order to receive the latest earthquake information, the app receives data from a number of reliable and official sources (all of which can be managed from the settings screen). The app then filters the information and sorts it on a map and on a list by a number of days (also manageable from the settings).



Another section of the app is the prediction. The app contains a number of articles to help you predict earthquakes. When a user suspects that the environment around him or her is showing signs of a possible earthquake, the user can use the app to upload a report. This report is delivered to the publishers at Seismo who can review further. After a number of reports have been received from the same area, this gets automatically converted to an alert and a push notification is sent to everyone.


Push Notifications

The publishers at Seismo are constantly working to identify an environmental phenomenon in order to predict earthquakes. Once the possibility arises, they submit an alert and send a push notification using a backend system in place.



The app has been translated into multiple languages including Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. All text and content of the app has been extracted and given to translators for accurate translations and imported back to the app. The app automatically detects the language settings on the user’s phone and takes care of the translations.

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