Maltese Roads Traffic Updates app

Maltese Roads Traffic Updates

What is Maltese Roads Traffic Updates?

The Maltese Roads Traffic Updates app is a means of providing traffic status updates to the Maltese community. The platform is supported by a number of publishers and a solid community which helps to provide real-time updates. This app displays traffic statuses on a map which makes it easy for on-the-go users to get a visual idea of the traffic around them. It can also be used as a means of uploading the status you are currently into the community. Vioside is the proud designer and developer of both the native apps and the website. The mobile app is available natively for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Moreover, the website can be accessed by using this link -


Data & Servers

The apps provide a separate service from the Facebook page which makes it more automatic. A server is constantly receiving traffic status updates from the users which are then shown on the app. The publishers, on the other hand, are also able to upload status updates on to the app using a backend system. This is used in the case where traffic reports are received through Facebook messages and need to be managed manually.



The app will regularly check for any changes in the traffic reports and updates this status on the map. When a user decides to upload their current status, the app automatically detects the user’s current location and optionally allows the user to change the status and upload a photo. These are then uploaded to the map and sent to the publishers as a notification.



The system also makes use of push notification services using Apple’s Push Notification service and Google Cloud Messaging. These push notifications allow publishers to notify users of any road alerts and warnings they should know about.

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