At Vioside, we finely craft mobile apps that will continue to improve everyone’s life with their power and efficiency, and will continue to make it easier with their simplicity, excellence and optimisation

What We Do

Our passion and focus

Vioside is a team of software developers that creatively focuses on the simplicity, design, development & optimisation of Mobile Applications & Websites. Vioside is an agency working on productivity, business, and reference mobile applications for iOS (including iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) and Android devices, as well as Website Applications that support them (Content Management Systems).

To develop mobile applications that strive for high quality and excellence, we need to keep a great user experience in mind and make sure that every app is simplified, very well designed and highly responsive; making it feel as physical as possible. For this approach, we strictly develop mobile apps which are native in order to make use of technologies provided by the manufacturer of the operating system itself. Therefore, all Applications are highly optimised for each device it is built for, with usability and efficiency in mind.

Native Mobile Apps

Why we choose to build apps natively

When we build an app, we use the core technologies provided to us by the devices’ manufacturers themselves. This is the only method to gain the following advantages:

  • The app gains high performance in battery life, graphics and animations. The User Experience is more accustomed to what the user is used to.
  • When an update to a device is performed by the manufacturer, we gain access to their technologies right away.
  • We can make good and efficient use of the device’s hardware such as GPS, Camera, Gyroscope etc.
  • Better offline use and easy on the user’s bandwidth when using cellular mobile data (3G / 4G)


Tools of the trade

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Native iOS using Xcode, iOS SDK and Swift

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Android Studio

Native Android using Android Studio, Android SDK, Java and Kotlin

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Cross platform development

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Web-based app development

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Websites and backend systems

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Server-side development

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Backend-as-a-service platform

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Post-driven backend systems and websites

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Cloud Services

AWS, Azure and Heroku

Our Passion towards Apps

3 Productivity Apps - Appealing by Vioside

Let’s face it; sometimes life can get a bit messy when we don’t keep track of our time and of what’s going on around us in everyday life, and it’s not always easy to keep everything organised.

Fortunately, there are many apps that can help us organise our life using simple but effective techniques at a tap of a button. In this video, we will talk about 3 of our favourite apps that we use everyday to stay productive.

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