Guess What? There’s an app for that.

How do app developers manage and track their time at work? With an app, of course. Our personal favourite, although a bit pricey, is Timely.

Timely is an app with a neat design that allows us to easily plan and track our time. We can plan how much time we estimate to spend on a task and then start tracking. The perfect method to keep yourself accountable for your time. You can either track while working or even input time entries manually. It gets even easier with a number of integrations they provide.



The app has a number of services that allow you to integrate it with other services. For example, you can import tasks quickly and efficiently from your own to do list apps, like Asana, Trello, Todoist, Google Calendar and Github. I also set up a nice little physical button called Flic (more on button, that I use as a punch clock with Timely.

Another nice feature is called Memories. This is an app that you can install on your computer to list down your time entries automatically according to what you’re doing on your computer. Not a feature that we use often, to be honest, because, being control freaks like us, we prefer to input entries manually. Not to mention that a single task in our case requires using a ton of apps simultaneously.



The number 1 best feature in Timely is the ability for multiple people in your organisation to track their own time. Of course, at a higher price tier but this is what makes this service stand out. That way, a project manager can keep track of where everyone’s time is going and make sure that the project is profitable and accounted for.



We use this app all the time, of course, and it allows us to stay accountable for where our time is going, as well as actually calculate if we’re making a profit or not, based on the time we have spent on a project. The nice thing about the service is that it’s available everywhere, be it iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Web, Mac and Android. The only thing I would say that annoys me sometimes is that time entries don’t always sync correctly between devices. So I might find entries on the website that I do not find on my iPhone. I’d have to close and relaunch to maybe fix it (sometimes I even lost entries). So I’d recommend staying on one platform at a time, at least until this is fixed. Other than that, all works perfectly and I’d recommend you check it out. Once you get started with tracking time with Timely, it might become a vital tool for your business.