It’s always cool to design and develop mobile apps. Just not as cool when it comes to developing mobile apps on the Maltese Islands in summer; especially if you like working outdoors. It tends to get quite hot here! That’s why we had to look for a simple solution to develop apps in a breeze (pun intended), and be productive at the same time.

This fan did the trick! Just plug it in the USB port and you get a fan and a clock. No battery and installations required. Just plug, switch on, and you are not just cool again, but also productive. The stand is solid and sturdy but you can still bend it around in any way you like. It is also very easy to set the time. Just click and hold the switch till it starts to flicker. That’s when you can continue to click on the switch to set the time.

It’s an awesome gadget and definitely worth getting one. It costs less than €20 on eBay.

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