Google has a New Logo

Not so long ago, Google has gone through some major changes in it’s infrastructure when the company introduced it’s parent company Alphabet. Now, Google went 1 step further and introduced a new brand design, including a new font for it’s logo, updated icon, and some variations in colour. Let’s dive further into it.

Hand Lettering a Band Logo

Hand lettering is the art of creating a custom made typography piece with it’s own unique style and flair. Back in the day, hand lettering was used for pretty much everything, be it shop signs, product labels, and more. Since recent times, this style has been getting a lot of attention and more designers are trying […]

Apps for Christmas

Another year has passed by and here we are celebrating another festive season. Here are some of the apps that we use to help us get through these holidays. Music using Spotify This app has some great radio stations to help you get into the Christmas spirit with some Classical, Pop, Indie or Jazz Christmas […]

Top 3 Apps for Sleeping Better

We spend a third of our life asleep and therefore, we should take it quite seriously. If you, as Shakespeare says “lack the season of all natures, sleep”, then these apps will help.  Sleep Cycle Sleep cycle is an alarm clock that will predict when it is best to wake you up. When you sleep, […]

Apple’s 2014 Special Event – A Developer’s Perspective

Apple’s 2014 event was quite a special one. Apple has entered into several new product categories in its own style. These include the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus which have bigger screens (one of which could be called a Phablet), better specs, and innovative features such as new calling features as well […]

3 Productivity apps we use everyday

Whatever your profession, productivity is key to a balanced life. The more productive you are, the more you get done in less time; and the more time you will have for family, friends and ‘me’ time. Productivity is a discipline you can master with time management, being organized, keeping a to-do list and focusing on […]

The Fan Clock

It’s always cool to design and develop mobile apps. Just not as cool when it comes to developing mobile apps on the Maltese Islands in summer; especially if you like working outdoors. It tends to get quite hot here! That’s why we had to look for a simple solution to develop apps in a breeze […]