Hand lettering is the art of creating a custom made typography piece with it’s own unique style and flair. Back in the day, hand lettering was used for pretty much everything, be it shop signs, product labels, and more. Since recent times, this style has been getting a lot of attention and more designers are trying out this expressive way of creating artwork. I have been developing my hand lettering skills for quite some time now. I have a long road ahead but I am always happy to share my work with anyone who is interested.

The video above is a time-lapse of my process in Illustrator. As you may notice, the sketch that I am using to create the vector artwork is not made to perfection. Usually, the base sketch is recommended to be perfect by most hand lettering artists to remove any room for error. In this case, I decided to experiment and try out a slightly different approach. Instead of creating a super-refined sketch, I went for a rather quick sketch that gives me a basic idea of what I want. I dropped that sketch in Illustrator and started to create the vector on top of that.

As I go along in the video, you may notice that I don’t follow the path of the sketch in precision. Instead, I started to make some decisions as I go along (Example line-weights, curves, etc). I also changed the position of the words until I found a composition that was working for me. This resulted in a slightly more organic look for the logo, which was actually what I was looking for! I was making sure that the line-weights were consistent (or, in this case, close enough) by dragging the words next to each other and analyse them side by side. Still, I was looking for that sketchy/organic look, so I only needed to see that they were somewhat close.

In conclusion, I feel that there should not be 1 strict way of creating a hand-lettered piece of art. Feel free to explore different ways and means to get your message across in the most unique of ways. Don’t be afraid to get creative! After all, this is art 🙂

Auntie's Yellow Sofa Logo Process
Auntie’s Yellow Sofa Logo Process