FreeHour Careers Month

Our first update of the year is now live on FreeHour: The FreeHour Careers Month. Together with the FreeHour team, we have been working on a new feature on the app for students in Malta. This is a new tab dedicated solely to help students prepare and apply for a job interview.

This tab is packed with information and tips to help students prepare themselves for interviews. This is all valuable content for all students getting ready to start looking for their first job. This tab also contains a list of companies looking to recruit students with the ability to book for an interview, and also submit their CV. Also containing a guide on creating a CV if they do not have one.

The FreeHour Careers Month section was designed and built using native technologies for both iOS and Android, with an in-app browser that displays certain content, such as articles, from the FreeHour’s website. If you would like to read more about what a native app is, you can check out our blog post called Native, Cross-Platform or Hybrid Apps.

You can find out more about this section on FreeHour’s website. In the meantime, we will be monitoring the situation, gathering metrics and providing support to the team.