Life Cycle Review – Automatic Time Tracking

You’ve had a busy week going from one place to the next, sometimes you’re at work, other times you’re at home or at the gym. Then Sunday comes along and you try to recap your week, but your memory is a bit blurry and you’re not quite sure where your time went. This is where […]

PEAK Review – Brain Training App

It’s not just the physical body that needs training and exercises, but also the brain. Brain exercises, especially ones which are diverse, are important for a number of reasons. Since we’re constantly going through our daily routines in life, we might not notice that there are some areas which we do not use regularly. PEAK […]

How do app developers manage and track their time at Vioside

  Guess What? There’s an app for that. How do app developers manage and track their time at work? With an app, of course. Our personal favourite, although a bit pricey, is Timely. Timely is an app with a neat design that allows us to easily plan and track our time. We can plan how […]

An app to manage your shopping list in style.

  Life is too short for boring apps, and managing your shopping list shouldn’t be boring either. Writing your shopping list on a note-taking app, todo-list app or, even worse, a piece of paper, is not the way of 2018. Cue in, Bring! Bring! Bring! is a beautiful app with a single purpose, writing your […]

Rx Express Service App

  Rx Express Service is an innovative app developed by Vioside that allows users to send their prescription to the pharmacy of their choice. The idea of the app is to make pharmacies accessible for those who cannot leave their home, or to pre-order your medication to decrease your waiting time at the pharmacy, and […]

2 apps to empower your morning routine for a prosperous new year

  Seeing everyone around us enthusiastic with New Year’s resolutions, we end up feeling guilty if we do not take action on our own dreams and goals. We all want to grow and achieve success throughout this year, and that starts with building good habits and getting rid of bad ones. We have another article […]

Paddly – High Tech Locker Systems

Meet the team!   What is Paddly? Paddly Lockers are the future of high tech and secure locker systems. Vioside was behind the development of this system including brand design, mobile app development for iOS and Android, backend systems and development within the physical lockers themselves to get them to receive bookings made and allow […]

Slotmi – Bookings Made Easy

Slotmi is an online platform which gathers businesses and outlets that provide services, making them more accessible for customers to book an appointment. With Slotmi, you can book your next table at your favourite restaurant, hair appointment, spa or nails at your salon without the need to make a phone call. This makes it much easier for the […]


Share your timetable & find out when your friends are free on campus!

STREAKS – A Habit Tracking App

It’s a new year, and the more time passes, the harder it becomes to keep those New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes all it takes to stick to your goals and achieve results is by being consistent and showing up. I set myself 6 things that I want to do daily and I have to make sure […]